As organisations operate with increased reliance on their IT systems, the need to protect those systems from disaster is crucial.

Offsite Backups

Can you afford to lose everything in a disaster?

The reason for loss could be as catastrophic as fire, flood, theft or malicious damage; or as simple as no one regularly testing that the backup was working. Organisations have been known to completely fail after experiencing a major loss of information. Without a good recovery plan a disaster will expose your organisation to serious risks including:

> Permanent loss of critical business data
> Inability to trade and subsequent loss of revenue
> Damage to client and supplier relationships

OAS’s Disaster Recovery as a Service takes the risk out of on-site backups by providing a reliable automated, off-site service at its Newcastle-based Data Centre. Using an encrypted tunnel via your existing internet connection, we take a mirror image of your system each day. When disaster strikes, you can be confident that we’ll recover your entire system quickly and easily.

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