Protect your business and minimise downtime by detecting issues before they become problems. At OAS, we believe it’s better to be proactive. With Proactive Server Monitoring our team can identify and resolve issues on your server before you even know they exist.


24/7 Monitoring
We manage and monitor the health of your server equipment, keeping a close eye on potential hardware failures, system performance and critical server applications.

Technical Support
We provide free Level 1 technical support for servers protected by Proactive Server Monitoring.

Asset tracking
Our asset and inventory management tools can perform automatic scans of your networks – all through our remote dashboard.

Comprehensive Reporting
You’ll have access to reports on your system’s performance including anti-virus, backup, drive space, exchange and disk health, and monthly reporting of historical data.


Minimum disruption
Remote access through our dashboard to your systems means issues are identified and often resolved unobtrusively and efficiently.

Regular checks
Real-time monitoring of servers and reporting back to us every 5-15 minutes, means we can identify issues before they become problems.

Quarterly management meetings
Communication is kept open with regular discussions about system health, capacity and future improvements.

On-site technical support
This is available as an additional monthly option.

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