OAS is highly experienced in the supply, implementation and maintenance of IT systems from single computers to large networks and enterprise wide systems. To provide you with a computer solution that will last, we use quality products and partner with Australia’s leading IT suppliers. We are Microsoft and Cisco Partners which means our engineers are of the highest certification standard.

Our highest priority is you!

At OAS our highest priority is customer service. Once we’ve installed a system to meet your requirements, our team of skilled computer technicians and network engineers will continually maintain your system to ensure it’s reliable and secure. You’ll also have access to full 24/7 phone support – every day of the year. Call us on 02 4940 1800 to discuss tailored options or email



Protect your business and minimise downtime by detecting issues before they become problems. At OAS, we believe it’s better to be proactive. With Proactive Server Monitoring our team can identify and resolve issues on your server before you even know they exist.


24/7 Monitoring
We manage and monitor the health of your server equipment, keeping a close eye on potential hardware failures, system performance and critical server applications.

Technical Support
We provide free Level 1 technical support for servers protected by Proactive Server Monitoring.

Asset tracking
Our asset and inventory management tools can perform automatic scans of your networks – all through our remote dashboard.

Comprehensive Reporting
You’ll have access to reports on your system’s performance including anti-virus, backup, drive space, exchange and disk health, and monthly reporting of historical data.


Minimum disruption
Remote access through our dashboard to your systems means issues are identified and often resolved unobtrusively and efficiently.

Regular checks
Real-time monitoring of servers and reporting back to us every 5-15 minutes, means we can identify issues before they become problems.

Quarterly management meetings
Communication is kept open with regular discussions about system health, capacity and future improvements.

On-site technical support
This is available as an additional monthly option.

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As organisations operate with increased reliance on their IT systems, the need to protect those systems from disaster is crucial.

Offsite Backups

Can you afford to lose everything in a disaster?

The reason for loss could be as catastrophic as fire, flood, theft or malicious damage; or as simple as no one regularly testing that the backup was working. Organisations have been known to completely fail after experiencing a major loss of information. Without a good recovery plan a disaster will expose your organisation to serious risks including:

> Permanent loss of critical business data.
> Inability to trade and subsequent loss of revenue.
> Damage to client and supplier relationships.

OAS’s Disaster Recovery as a Service takes the risk out of on-site backups by providing a reliable automated, off-site service at its Newcastle-based Data Centre. Using an encrypted tunnel via your existing internet connection, we take a mirror image of your system each day. When disaster strikes, you can be confident that we’ll recover your entire system quickly and easily.

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Secure, Reliable and Cost Effective Cloud Solution for your business.

OAS has combined over 20 years of technical expertise and premium customer service to deliver a sophisticated and local Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Utilising Flexpod Data Centre technology, OAS’s Hosted Infrastructure and Managed Services solution offers a range of cloud based services to reduce our clients down time, increase performance and functionality and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Minder Cloud Services are hosted in a number of data centres with entire system replication, this means our clients information is safe and always accessible.

Minder Cloud Services consists of:

> Utilises Data Centre Grade Cisco Flexpod Infrastructure.
> Latest Microsoft Windows Server Operating System.
> Replicated Data Centres for both Computing Power and Storage.
> Unlimited bandwidth within the Minder Managed Network.
> Support available for non Microsoft Operating Systems.
> Redundant Cisco Networking equipment and managed firewall service.
> High Speed NetApp SAN Storage.

Key Benefits:

> scalability, ability to increase or decrease server capabilities and quantities;
> flexibility of connecting anywhere, anytime;
> streamlining of IT cost structure; lower maintenance cost;
> improved communication and increases efficiency;
> no hardware upgrade or replacement costs;
> enterprise grade backup and disaster recovery with a fully redundant system
> reduce business downtime and so much more…

If you would like more information about our Minder Cloud Services please visit Minder Cloud.

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 To provide you with a computer solution that will last, we partner with Australia’s leading IT suppliers.


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