OAS can partner with you to provide a telephone system that is easy to use, technologically advanced and cost efficient. An approved NEC telephony dealer, OAS will install and program a customised phone solution that meets your needs whether your business is small or large.

 Products and Services

OAS anticipates your phone needs by providing a range of products and services including:

> Voicemail integration.
Inter-office IP links to provide free calls between your offices or branches.
> GSM-to-mobile gateways to connect your mobile phone to your in-house phone system for cost effective calling.
> Wireless phone systems including cordless and desk phone systems so your staff can be contacted anywhere in your building.
> Computer-to-phone integration so you can use Outlook to phone your contacts.

Support once you’re set up

Once your system is installed, our experienced Telstra-licenced technicians will give you training so you can use it with ease. We’ll also provide ongoing support and maintenance so your phone system remains up-to-date as new technology becomes available.

Download Minder vPABX Brochure



 OAS own and manage MPLS Layer 2 network infrastructure which is designed to deliver superior performance, security and manageability for our clients. 

Our design engineers evaluate a number of internet technologies that are present in your geographic location and base their recommendations on cost, performance and reliability in alignment with your business needs.

The key benefits for delivering site to site and internet services via our Managed Network include:

> Inter-office traffic does not traverse the public internet (More secure, Less overheads).
> Traffic between your Office and our Data Centres is not measured.
> Internet Usage and management is performed as a hosted service.
> Optional amortisation of hardware to reduce upfront costs.



Deploying an OAS designed and managed wireless network allows businesses of all sizes offer fast, secure wireless connectivity.

Coverage where you need it

OAS ensures coverage is at optimum levels by performing a pre-installation analysis to identify the ideal location for access points. This helps elimate “dead spots” to allow a fast, higly available wireless network experience. Roaming capabilities help ensure consistent experience on any mobile device with any application.

Centralised Control

OAS can deploy wireless controllers to help centrally manage, secure, and configure access points throughout the organisation. This reduces maintenance and configuration of your wireless network which helps to improve your ROI.

Multisite Branch Deployments

Cost-effectively and centrally manage branch deployments with a highly scalable solution that lowers operating expenses by providing the visibility and control needed to manage even thousands of wireless branches from a single location. Take advantage of consolidated remote management and avoid deploying extra local controllers at branch locations.